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goldfish casino slots online Advisory:
1. All goldfish slots game online passengers SHALL BE REQUIRED to wear face mask in airports and on board flights effective from 23rd April 2020.
2. COVID-19: Important Notice to Passengers Read more
3. Passengers traveling with return flight on the same day are required to present a valid company letter and a letter from Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) with a QR code. Endorsement from PDRM is not required.
4. Passengers traveling for more than 1(one) day for work purposes are required to present a valid company letter and a letter from Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). The inter-state travel form must also be completed and endorsed by PDRM.

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2.1 General

2.2 Applicable Law and Carrier's Tarrifs

2.3 Applicable to USA and Canada

2.4 Gratuitous Carriage

2.5 Charters

2.6 Change Without Notice

2.7 Effective Rules

Acceptability of Goods For Carriage

3.1 Cargo Acceptable

3.2 Valuation Limit Of Shipment

3.3 Packing and Marking of Cargo

3.4 Special Cargo

3.5 Dangerous Goods

3.6 Responsibility for Non-Observance of Conditions, Law and Regulations

3.7 Carrier's Right of Inspection

3.8 Unit Load Devices

3.9 Pre-packed and Mixed Pre-packed Shipments


4.1 Air Waybill

4.2 Shipment Record

4.3 Apparent Condition/Packing of the Cargo

4.4 Preparation, Completion or Correction by Carrier

4.5 Responsibility for Particulars

4.6 Alterations

Rates and Charges

5.1 Applicable Rates and Charges

5.2 Airport to Airport

5.3 Basis of Rates and Charges

5.4 Services not included in Published Rates and Charges

5.5 Insurance

5.6 Payment of Charges

Shipments in Course of Carriage

6.1 Compliance with Government Requirements

6.2 Disbursement and Customs Formalities

6.3 Schedules, Routings and Cancellations

6.4 Certain Rights of Carrier over Shipment in Course of Carriage

Authority and Indemnity of Shipper

7.1 Authority to Tender Cargo for Acceptance

7.2 Shipper's Authority

7.3 Shipper's Indemnity

Shipper's Right Of Disposition

8.1 Exercise of right of disposition

8.2 Shipper's Option

8.3 Payment of Expenses

8.4 Extent of Shipper's Right


9.1 Notice of arrival

9.2 Delivery of Shipment

9.3 Place of Delivery

9.4 Failure of Consignee to take Delivery

9.5 Disposal of Perishables

9.6 Carrier

9.7 Responsibility for Charges

Pick-up and Delivery Services

10.1 Shipments

10.2 Availability of Service

10.3 Request for Service

10.4 Shipment for which Service is Unavailable

10.5 Liability

Successive Carriers

Carrier's Liability

Limitations on Claims and Actions

Overriding Law

Modofication and Waiver

Version 1 (March 2012)

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